Good Friday 

Easter weekend has arrived. It is a gorgeous spring day here in Southwest Michigan and I am taking advantage of it. I love to be outside in nature which is soothing to the soul. This weekend I am working on a little deck project. Healing comes in many different ways which I discovered on my journey as a healer. I like to do things in the spur of the moment and today I decided I would drive to Home Depot to purchase the items that I needed for the project. Tomorrow I might decide to bake a batch of German Brötchen, fly a kite or blow bubbles with my grandson.

When I am aware of a soul crying out in agony I do a little something special for them, which they aren’t aware of on the physical plane. I place a gift of healing on their spiritual path which their soul will accept when ready, because healing can’t be forced it must be accepted. Healing was gifted to me in the same way after my son passed away and this has led me here. My Life is about living in the moment doing what brings me joy and since I have discovered how to bring joy into my life I receive many more blessings. Whatever it is that you do make sure that it is fun, fills your heart with joy and fills your eyes with smiles. 

Healing is in everyone you can do it, we can do it together.


 Fifteen seconds of a pure Michigan rainy night, I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I do. 

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