The Wanderer

What is he like?

I was told to behold—

he was a musical soul.

The gift of gab –

he never had.

Fashion and flair—

he had plenty to share.

Ever the wanderer—

seeking the lonely way.

Freedom beckoned from

the depth of his soul.

Day turns to night, Night turns to day

and he plays.

While the night sleeps

One stroke of his strings —

and it begins.

The spark of freedom

etched in his soul

The wanderer in his heart

was not to be set apart.

Shine bright, shine strong,

he could do no wrong.

He left his place to chase

the music in his soul –

the light shone from afar,

flames burned from within.

The rebel soul

not to be tamed or —


Yeah, he is the wandering man.

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