About the Author

Diana Householder

Dare to be different. Diana L. Householder is a freelance writer, blogger, poetess and the creator of several creative stories for children inspired by children. She spends her days working both as a substitute teacher and as a civil servant in local government in Southwest Michigan which is where she currently resides. Diana is a single mother of three adult children, one who passed away tragically in 2003 at the young age of eighteen. As she began to work through the loss of her son memories ignited sparks of desire to bring his love to life. Diana discovered that the healing journey has been long and often difficult, but can be reached and is sharing her experiences of healing with the world.  Diana is a graduate of Siena Heights University and is currently pursuing  a Masters Degree in organizational leadership. Diana is also a Reiki Master teacher and a self taught teacher of the Arts, bringing out the joy in students by all forms of art expression whether this is through music, drawing, painting, writing, speaking, dancing. After graduating from Siena Heights University with a Degree in Liberal Arts Diana’s playful heart, fantastic imagination and a passion for teaching children inspired her to begin writing and illustrating her stories. During the summer months Diana can be found with her feet dangling in the water as the the kayak drifts freely along the shores of Lake Michigan day dreaming of tales yet untold.

What would you do with a heart full of love?