The Day

One day I came home and my mommy was sad,

My Nana and Aunties were here and they were sad too.

I started to cry but I didn’t know why.

I just know I was sad cause everyone else was too

My brother was gone he’d been on a fishing trip

I wished he were here to give me a hug as he’d call me a little bug

I heard his name several times as mom cried

…And I didn’t know why, I sat down and cried but I didn’t know why.

I shut my eyes tight and all I could hear was his voice

ringing, ringing.

A slight little whisper

I jumped, I was startled I looked for my brother

I thought he was here.

Little bug, little bug, please listen to me.

Even though you can’t see me I’m right here next to you.

I had to leave but I’ll always be with you

Through thick and thin

Through darkness and sunshine

I will always be with you no matter what you’re my Little bug forever

n ever.

That little tickle on your cheek that feels like a feather

It’s me when I’m kissing you nighty night

That little whisper that you hear now and makes you say “What?” when

no one is around

It’s me being with you, tell mom and dad

I’ll always be with you no matter what.

When you close your eyes and me, don’t be afraid

Know that I’m with you and I’m okay

When you see me in the face of a stranger know that I’m here

When you smell that familiar scent that reminds you of me

Know that it’s me and I’m forever in your hearts


My Auntie came over and hugged me tight as my nana hugged mommy tight

My daddy came in and said come here little bean as he stretched out his arms

Daddy then told me with tears in his eyes that brother was gon, he

was not coming home. I started to cry.

I squeezed my eyes shut and all I could hear is brothers voice so very


C’mon bug don’t cry like that

I had to go away but I’ll always be with you……. in your hearts.


©Diana Lynn 2013