The Wanderer

What is he like? I was told to behold— he was a musical soul. The gift of gab – he never had. Fashion and flair— he had plenty to share. Ever the wanderer— seeking the lonely way. Freedom beckoned from the depth of his soul. Day turns to night, Night turns to day and he plays. While the night sleeps One stroke of his strings — and it begins. The spark of freedom etched in his soul The wanderer inRead more


March 2017 It’s the art from the heart that leaves the mark.    In Michigan the winter months are long which gives me time to be creative and just create while being stuck inside. The clouds part more now everyday letting the sun peek through little by little to drive off the damp chill. It’s like there is a battle in the sky this time of year as old man frost fights to keep his hold. Unwillingly he let’s go.Read more

Feeling blue 

  This is me drawing my version of Crazy Horse on the IPad Pro with the Apple pencil. What to do when you are feeling blue? Find something that you enjoy doing, something that you feel passionate about which helps in redirecting your focus away from all that troubles you. How do you find it you ask? Look back onto your childhood and what you loved to do as a child, this is where you will find your playful heartRead more

This Man

September 2016 I said the eyes are the window to the soul. He said baby, come get freaky with me. Be free baby and set your heart free with me he whispered to my soul. Let me be your first come get your freak on with me. Just be free baby, be free.  Read more

Heart Warrior

“The difference between an ordinary person and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary person takes everything either as a blessing or a curse.” Carlos CastanedaRead more


I’ve never had the pleasure of formal art training, one day I just began to draw. My memories had taken me back to a time when I was about eight or nine years old. After having drawn a an image from a newspaper ad I showed my step father what I’d been working on. The ad said if you can draw this mail to the address provided for a chance to go to art school. The excitement that pumped throughRead more

The Eight of Wands

Several times this week I had this card show in readings which I was doing for myself. Both times the card was accompanied by other well aspected cards. Great optimism comes with this card, hope for a future or a hopeful future with what it is that you desire. Whether this card is in relation to career, relationships or a journey. In my case the question was regarding a relationship, will there be one soon? It was placed right nextRead more