Here’s to the souls that yearn for movement and to the girls that dance to the beat of their own tune. Stretching their voices to be heard by their songs, by their touch and by their hearts which speak the language of movement.To the girls that wander to see, hear and feel the poetry in everything. To the magnificence of the oceans blue to the tall dance of sea grass as it whispers in the wind. Hold your freedom inRead more


July 18, 2016 I wondered what it was like for you that day. How it must have felt as the raging river sucked you in smashing the violets in your pocket. I wondered how it felt when the river bottoms bone crushing grip around your neck raped you of your youth. How did it feel when your home was being invaded by a squatter holding your lungs for ransom? I wondered what you must’ve felt inside as death’s icy gripRead more

That Love

Loving  fiercely with freedom and wild abandon… I loved you for a moment in the silvery moonlight beneath the twinkling stars.  Why this happened I really don’t know, I only know that I loved you for a moment. In that moment life was perfect and we were happy as we lived out our love. Like night and day, dark and light our hearts afire with boundless desire as we loved for a moment. Loving  fiercely with freedom and wild abandon takingRead more

The Easel

The Easel Sweet fragrance of coffee permeates my cup as I stare in the distance slowly raising it up I ponder in a trance I’m not yet awake What a beautiful painting this morning will make In brisk autumn air I watch the sun rise When it dawns on me I have no supplies Trees splashed with color the lake’s hovering mist I take it all in, as I make a long list I need canvas and paints with allRead more

In Time

Felt loneliness, Pain and Sorrow Questioned Destiny Felt beautiful Wrote a letter with pen and paper Yelled in frustration & anger Kissed a Fool Felt depression Smiled in Happiness Questioned life Slammed doors Felt Ugly Questioned fate Listened to the hoot of an Owl Cried in pain Questioned existence Shed tears for joy Found loving hearts Extended Trust Questioned the Universe Journeyed Found myself Lost Trust Begged to go home Bound myself Burned Letters Released myself Loved an animal HuggedRead more

Soul Searching

Through challenges, adversity, adventure, and misadventures I faced my past. In my personal quest to find Love and ultimately to find myself I had to face the hardest challenge if all, me. This took me on a journey of self discovery back to a place that I’d thought had long been put to rest and forgotten. I have no regrets nor resentments due to the past only admiration for the woman that I have become. Strong, resilient, caring, trusting andRead more

What Legends Are Made Of

Trying to portray Crazy Horse is hard since he is the only great figure of American history who never allowed his image to be photographed or painted as he would never allow his soul to be captured in his life as was believed by his people. . Every once in a while when I am faced with challenges which call for extreme strength and determination, something that most people don’t possess, a spirit helper of mine appears. He stands byRead more