July 18, 2016 I wondered what it was like for you that day. How it must have felt as the raging river sucked you in smashing the violets in your pocket. I wondered how it felt when the river bottoms bone crushing grip around your neck raped you of your youth. How did it feel when your home was being invaded by a squatter holding your lungs for ransom? I wondered what you must’ve felt inside as death’s icy gripRead more

The Warrior Heart 

   She caught her heart sneaking around with his not that long ago. I asked her what she thought she was doing and she replied hesitantly that she needed nourishment to survive in a world that is all take,take, take. She said that she had been rummaging around in the heart cupboards of those who crossed her path only to find emptiness,desolation and dark bare caverns not enough for her to survive, so she returned to a heart so full. IRead more

I Believe

   I Believe, I Believe, I Believe. Never lose hope, keep your faith and always Believe.  Have faith my love, have faith.  Believe in romance, love at first sight, the romantic notion of a knight in shining armor, soul mates, true love and twin flames.  Believe baby, just believe. Believe there’s a bit of truth behind the statement that out of chaos beauty will rise, and that hope will illuminate the darkest of nights.  Have hope my love, have hope.Read more

An Out of Body Experience

A swirling grey mist cloaks the room and hangs heavy as if a thick fog had just settled inside the house. A chill runs up my spine and I shiver in the cold darkness. To my right the door creaks open slowly and with a resounding echo that radiates through the silence. Mustering the courage to go back and shut the door I close my eyes, take a deep breath and let out a brave sigh. My pulse is jittering,Read more

As Time Passes

Relationships come and relationships go. People suddenly appear in our lives as if right out if a fairy tale for whatever reason, some stay and some disappear just as quickly as they arrived. When they leave as suddenly as they appeared we are left startled and confused feeling that there’s been no proper closure. They’ve walked out the door with not even so much as a goodbye, no turning to look back not even for a moment all that’s leftRead more

The Café

It was a day like any other at the Café, which hasn’t changed in years, the same early morning regulars for coffee and a little gossip. I’ve always sworn that these men are worse than women when it comes to gossiping. Sometimes fun, sometimes nasty the same ole guys except for the few who have passed on. As I quietly sip my coffee, I hear the old man faintly grunt as he repositioned himself in his chair, he was leanedRead more

Soul Searching

Through challenges, adversity, adventure, and misadventures I faced my past. In my personal quest to find Love and ultimately to find myself I had to face the hardest challenge if all, me. This took me on a journey of self discovery back to a place that I’d thought had long been put to rest and forgotten. I have no regrets nor resentments due to the past only admiration for the woman that I have become. Strong, resilient, caring, trusting andRead more

Written in July of 2013, I named it Resilience

From Native american descent, she was a beauty like no other so striking were her looks. A slave on a riverboat when his eyes first laid eyes on her. Awe struck by her beauty, it was love at first sight he knew she was the one who would be his wife. Her flowing black hair shining in the sunlight as she serves. She’s been crudely treated, abused but has a fire burning in her none the less. Nothing they couldRead more