The Warrior Heart 


She caught her heart sneaking around with his not that long ago. I asked her what she thought she was doing and she replied hesitantly that she needed nourishment to survive in a world that is all take,take, take. She said that she had been rummaging around in the heart cupboards of those who crossed her path only to find emptiness,desolation and dark bare caverns not enough for her to survive, so she returned to a heart so full. I smiled for her as I saw the perfect storm lie just behind those liquid eyes, brimming with the salty seas waiting for release.

Since she was painfully empty and only seeking enrichment and nourishing food for the soul I chose not to punish her with restrictions, instead I let her feel. I knew that in this lesson of love she had been remembering the taste of hurt as she suckled the pain which in turn helped her to savor the flavor of love. Remembering why she had closed off to begin with, this being to know love is to feel the discomfort of pain. An uncomfortable combination yet this was all she had known of love. A realization had arrived, the balance of both forces at hand. For so long she was afraid of welcoming love because in doing so she would be susceptible to the discomfort, the uncomfortable feeling and the horrid taste as she released the pain.

She knew that this was the moment, the time had come to dive deep into herself, deeper into her heart and soul than she’d gone before, to expose all that is not and all that is. Releasing the past stepping into the present to unleash the freedom which she is and the truth that she knows. The rebel in her made a strong decision to cure this warrior heart of its ailments, once and for all. The rebel realized that the warrior heart must face the pain which she had been ignoring. Knowing that in taking this path she would learn to find that balance within her. The Rebel stepped forth to call out the warrior heart front and center this time. The warrior hearts sword was being taken inward to unleash a force of love to be reckoned with. A force no pain could withstand as the passion and love kept prisoner within would blind the darkness with it’s light was unleashed.

This sword of the warrior heart was forged in love and sheathed in transmuting light, but had been  left behind decades ago, having been thrust into the stone of the mountain of hurtful experiences, pain and sorrow. The warrior heart went back to the place where her heart had been broken, crushed yet not destroyed. She went to that place, that place of abandonment, rejection and destruction, even though she was lonely, scared and afraid. The very same place where she had cried and no one came, the same place where she she hadn’t felt loved, the same place where she’d felt hopeless and confused. Knowing she faced a near impossible task and that she might fail again and again, she went on ahead courageously with the knowledge that she might very well get smacked down as she faced her fears. She didn’t know how this would turn out when life seemed like it was not on her side. Forward she forged like the warrior of love that she knew she was. She climbed the mountain to retrieve her sword along with the remainder of her heart. The warrior heart lay which she’d encased in barbed wire for protection so long ago, lay just inches from the sword and as she approached the heart began to live and breathe again  as its dimmed light slowly began to shine. The Warrior heart may be strong and may able to take a beating like no other but truth be known that a warriors heart desires nourishing love and fulfillment too.

I Believe

I Believe in Dreams.


I Believe, I Believe, I Believe.

Never lose hope, keep your faith and always Believe. 

Have faith my love, have faith. 

Believe in romance, love at first sight, the romantic notion of a knight in shining armor, soul mates, true love and twin flames. 

Believe baby, just believe.

Believe there’s a bit of truth behind the statement that out of chaos beauty will rise, and that hope will illuminate the darkest of nights. 

Have hope my love, have hope.

Believe that love is the most powerful force in the universe and worth the wait. Keep the faith that good things are unfolding in your life right now.Grow, change, transform, believe in you and believe in me and the love that is given and received.

Love free baby, love free.

©DLHouseholder 2014

Just putting that out there 🙂