March 2017

It’s the art from the heart that leaves the mark.

FullSizeRender 6
Acrylic and Dominik’s hand prints on canvas

The clouds part more now everyday letting the sun peek through little by little to drive off the damp chill. It’s like there is a battle in the sky this time of year as old man frost fights to keep his hold. Unwillingly he let’s go.

Spring has sprung and natures beauties break their way through the thawing earth.

Dominik, my grand baby, and  I slosh through the mud in our rain boots, gush and mush.  I in my spandex gym pants and my favorite old Texas longhorns hoodie, raking leaves and twigs off the flower beds. Dominik asks what we doin Na?  We are helping the flowers get to the air so they can breath baby, I say.  Later in the afternoon we start creating this piece together, learning together. I call this time together, we create.

My heart is healing. I once thought that I would never be able to love again after I lost my son. But here I am living and loving free just my baby and me.