This love is so dear yet so traumatic when near.  Is it real I ask or is this just fantasy?  Created in the mind just had been too kind.  Misconstrued by self as well Stepped into a torturous hell of lies, deception and pain. I yell Outraged at circumstances Of which I found myself in a rift created by arrogant lies and pride.  Many have come yet so alone I reside on the inside.  To all who face the unknownRead more

Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon do you find a love like that A love like that is hard to find, too hard to hold So I let it go Through time and space this love will Pass A love like that was meant to last A love like that is hard to find, too hard to hold Young at heart, body, mind and soul Through time and space this love will roll Enduring all forever more, a spot reserved inRead more

The Day

One day I came home and my mommy was sad, My Nana and Aunties were here and they were sad too. I started to cry but I didn’t know why. I just know I was sad cause everyone else was too My brother was gone he’d been on a fishing trip I wished he were here to give me a hug as he’d call me a little bug I heard his name several times as mom cried …And I didn’tRead more

Marvelous Tarot Reading

As far as your emotions are concerned, a pleasant or promising surprise is to be expected with someone of the opposite sex. This person will be blessed with manual skill and artistic ability. He / she will demonstrate pride and tenacity in his/her daily activities. Your relationship with him / her will be distinguished and shine in a spirit of great mutual respect. This relationship will grow surprisingly and positively in a short space of time. Travel is also expectedRead more

What’s Next?

You know I can really relate, she said to him as she released a big sigh. I’ve made some pretty bad choices in men and now I have to rebuild my life because of it.  I was too headstrong and stubborn to do what I truly knew was the right thing to do. Nope, I had to run around with assholes who treated me poorly, like shit exactly, just like I was that piece of poop stuck on a shoeRead more

General Tarot card reading 9-17-13

The Five of Swords The Knight of Swords The Knight of Cups The Two of Cups Arguments and battles can’t always be won. Leave gloaters behind as what’s done is done. For a moment, hair colour brown, eyes blue or grey; watch for a likeable, and romantic dreamer, who is coming along the way a brief encounter then you’ll both part ways. Watch foreEyes and hair so very dark, this person could ignite a powder keg, as he’s a superRead more

Bite Me 2001, I Didn’t like you then and I still dont like you…

Dear 9/11/2013 Twelve years ago today I was on my way to see Lee at the University of Michigan -Motts Childrens Hospital. Lee had arrived there just about two weeks prior to 9/11, having been flown in by a medically staffed airplane, from Arkansas Children s Hospital to University of Michigan Hospital. Imagine being fifteen and awakening to a whole new life, one where you can’t do anything for yourself, not a damn thing, undesired to say the least. Wake up oneRead more

Dear Diary, My Journaling memoirs

5/9/2012 The pain, I am all too familiar with, as I am sure most people are. Finding your way in this world can be complicated with what seems too many obstacles along the way. Although we continue on dreaming of the day that we will find something better, when suddenly we realize that our lives have passed us by. I stopped to quietly reflect and contemplate on my life when it suddenly hit me like a wave of cold LakeRead more

A Very detailed Tarot card Reading

A woman is quiet but determined. She has a goal and she will reach it. She is diligent and persevering. She is attending university, taking on a major project, or working on something equally important. Her objective is highly specific and the result of her efforts will have a great impact on her long-term future. This endeavor is also being monitored or supervised by someone, and will be evaluated by this person. A man and a woman desperately need yourRead more

Me, The crone

Can you see the sadness in her eyes? Do you see the pain hidden behind that smile? Can you see her, truly see or do you even care? Tears of death which can’t be masked Fingers put away, save blame for another day. Look to yourself, look deep inside to find the lack that you hide. I leave you now to find yourself. A transformation is at hand as New beginnings spread across this land. She plants a seed, forRead more

My Niece

You’re Beautiful and I love you bunches! I love you because you are you, I love you because you always speak your truth, I love you for always standing your ground, I love you for walking your talk and not living a lie, I love you for your amazing resilience, I love you even when you’re being a brat, I love you for showing no fear when faced with adversity, I love you as you speak your mind. I loveRead more

Tarot Reading: Three Card Spread

Where is my writing project headed? In the past I was motivated to write driven by materialism, if I write I could possibly get wealthy. My inspiration being other overnight success authors. to be quite honest I was motivated by the idea that I could possibly get rich quick in some way. I was taken back to words that a psychic had spoken to me, one who had done many readings on me in the past. I had been urged byRead more

The Eight of Wands

Several times this week I had this card show in readings which I was doing for myself. Both times the card was accompanied by other well aspected cards. Great optimism comes with this card, hope for a future or a hopeful future with what it is that you desire. Whether this card is in relation to career, relationships or a journey. In my case the question was regarding a relationship, will there be one soon? It was placed right nextRead more