Me, The crone

20130806-223302.jpgCan you see the sadness in her eyes?

Do you see the pain hidden behind that smile?

Can you see her, truly see or do you even care?

Tears of death which can’t be masked

Fingers put away, save blame for another day.

Look to yourself, look deep inside to find the lack that you hide.

I leave you now to find yourself.

A transformation is at hand as

New beginnings spread across this land.

She plants a seed, for if ever you should find a need…

Tarot Reading: Three Card Spread

Where is my writing project headed?

In the past I was motivated to write driven by materialism, if I write I could possibly get wealthy. My inspiration being other overnight success authors. to be quite honest I was motivated by the idea that I could possibly get rich quick in some way. I was taken back to words that a psychic had spoken to me, one who had done many readings on me in the past. I had been urged by her to begin writing she stressed that I would do well at it and she did this to the point of aggravation. The idea of this began to take hold in my mind and then began to control me as I began to think of it as only a source of making possible huge profits, and I stress possible, but this is not how I need to look at it. I should be writing because I love it and because I have something to say, to speak my truth as well as the need to earn a living doing something that I love.

Currently the cards are indicating that the project I am involved in is going well and will do well and to continue on this path and with my goal. All bodes well for this.

In the future I am warned of abandonment, to not abandon this project which is what I do when I get frustrated, because if I do it will only cause disappointment within myself as well as all those who miss out on my stories. There will be many. The message that I’m getting is to not let anything get me down on this project and keep moving forward, show great discipline in this. I am guided and assisted from the great beyond.

The power of receiving the Tarot reading is to let you know in advance that some of the things that seem great now might have a side to them that has yet to reveal itself to you. Abandonment is a choice so choose to progress and finish no matter where it leads!

The Eight of Wands

20130725-193005.jpg Several times this week I had this card show in readings which I was doing for myself. Both times the card was accompanied by other well aspected cards. Great optimism comes with this card, hope for a future or a hopeful future with what it is that you desire. Whether this card is in relation to career, relationships or a journey. In my case the question was regarding a relationship, will there be one soon? It was placed right next to the nine of cups which is the wish card indicating that my wishes are coming true. I had to rack my brain to make sure that I hadn’t made any wishes that would hold me back from a good relationship or finding new love. I didn’t. My cards The Knight of cups, the nine of cups and the eight of Wands indicate that a new love is just around the corner. The eights are related to abundance, harvest, transformation, cycles, diligence, prudence, strength, magnanimity, splendor, harvest, manifestation, jealousy and power. The Wands are about passions centered around career, love, journey’s. This card indicates swift movement of new energies arriving in your life in some way. Sudden bursts of activity and excitement coming in with the arrival of good news. Something to be happy about. In some instances it can indicate travel. In  relationship readings, the 8 is a number of complexity which often heralds the need for a resolution, either through cutting cords and moving on or through a singular focus. Either way, there is a need for clarity through communication, or else some really weird power dynamics could creep in.