Poetry Cafe

If I were to write a little story about the man, it would start a little something like this: He stood behind the microphone his poetry smooth, his smile opalescent pearls of liquid white gleamed as his eyes caught mine, his magic had caught me. In this moment I knew that this man, this tall dark and handsome was for me as his velvety words rolled off his tongue straight into my heart.Read more

A Letter to My Daughters

May you always keep your head up. Be free, be yourself, be spontaneous, have fun, show yourself to the world – all of you, leave nothing hidden and remember to laugh because laughter is food for the soul. Never let go of that wild woman who resides deep inside of you. Stay true to you.Read more

A Thank You to My Soul Family

   To my Soul brothers and sisters of the world. Thank you for standing out in the crowd so that I could easily recognize you.  I thank you for delivering the soul love which began with a wish and for sharing freely with me. Thank you for arriving when you heard my plea.  I thank you for recognizing the beauty in my soul which I failed to see. Thank you for helping me understand my authenticity, true and free. IRead more