This Man

September 2016 I said the eyes are the window to the soul. He said baby, come get freaky with me. Be free baby and set your heart free with me he whispered to my soul. Let me be your first come get your freak on with me. Just be free baby, be free.  Read more

As Time Passes

Relationships come and relationships go. People suddenly appear in our lives as if right out if a fairy tale for whatever reason, some stay and some disappear just as quickly as they arrived. When they leave as suddenly as they appeared we are left startled and confused feeling that there’s been no proper closure. They’ve walked out the door with not even so much as a goodbye, no turning to look back not even for a moment all that’s leftRead more

Halloween Parade of Costumes

The Sidetrack Cafe 315 N. Main St. Watetvliet, Michigan The owner, Staff and Family are ready and anxiously await the wonderful parade of costumes once again this year. We are thankful to have been sharing this event with the community for as many years as it’s been held. The downtown Halloween festivities now a Family Tradition. Join us this Halloween, Friday October 31 from 3-5 for Trick-or-Treating! Can’t wait to see you all. Check out our photos of previous yearsRead more

The Café

It was a day like any other at the Café, which hasn’t changed in years, the same early morning regulars for coffee and a little gossip. I’ve always sworn that these men are worse than women when it comes to gossiping. Sometimes fun, sometimes nasty the same ole guys except for the few who have passed on. As I quietly sip my coffee, I hear the old man faintly grunt as he repositioned himself in his chair, he was leanedRead more

My future is foretold

Your way of doing things will impress an influential person. Your doings will attract an unexpected reward. This has to do with a woman who lives near you. She is a very gifted artist. This woman travels regularly. She has visited many places around the world. She will take a rather long time off in order to re-energize. Her financial situation enables her to do so. During this time, she will contribute more to the local community and you willRead more

Soul Searching

Through challenges, adversity, adventure, and misadventures I faced my past. In my personal quest to find Love and ultimately to find myself I had to face the hardest challenge if all, me. This took me on a journey of self discovery back to a place that I’d thought had long been put to rest and forgotten. I have no regrets nor resentments due to the past only admiration for the woman that I have become. Strong, resilient, caring, trusting andRead more

Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon do you find a love like that A love like that is hard to find, too hard to hold So I let it go Through time and space this love will Pass A love like that was meant to last A love like that is hard to find, too hard to hold Young at heart, body, mind and soul Through time and space this love will roll Enduring all forever more, a spot reserved inRead more

The Day

One day I came home and my mommy was sad, My Nana and Aunties were here and they were sad too. I started to cry but I didn’t know why. I just know I was sad cause everyone else was too My brother was gone he’d been on a fishing trip I wished he were here to give me a hug as he’d call me a little bug I heard his name several times as mom cried …And I didn’tRead more

Marvelous Tarot Reading

As far as your emotions are concerned, a pleasant or promising surprise is to be expected with someone of the opposite sex. This person will be blessed with manual skill and artistic ability. He / she will demonstrate pride and tenacity in his/her daily activities. Your relationship with him / her will be distinguished and shine in a spirit of great mutual respect. This relationship will grow surprisingly and positively in a short space of time. Travel is also expectedRead more