This Man

September 2016

I said the eyes are the window to the soul.

He said baby, come get freaky with me.

Be free baby and set your heart free with me he whispered to my soul.

Let me be your first come get your freak on with me.

Just be free baby, be free.

This is a work in progress. I keep striving for perfection with him, this man.




One wing broken.
A little token of words spoken.

Remnants from a heart broken.

Attempts to fly in vain.

Dragged down by the pain.

Struggle to regain.

The roué pretentious.

Machination on the sly.

The sword of truth lay on the path

To Sever what’s broken

Balance regained.

One wing remained

The Moon whispers faith.

The Sun promises hope.

The Stars inspire dreams

With all three in hand

A chance is taken.

Recovery of flight without fright.

Strength restored, love renewed.

Have faith my friends chirps

the little broken bird.

©2015 DLHouseholder