Be My Valentine

Dominik Davis, my grandson, you are the light of my life and the song in my heart. My sun and stars who reopened my heart to the joys that it should feel. I was weary my child for my travels had been long, then you came along. Love that is true, Love that is pure, Love that knows no limitations and that is always be free. One day I hope you will see this poem to you from me. MyRead more

The Wanderer

What is he like? I was told to behold— he was a musical soul. The gift of gab – he never had. Fashion and flair— he had plenty to share. Ever the wanderer— seeking the lonely way. Freedom beckoned from the depth of his soul. Day turns to night, Night turns to day and he plays. While the night sleeps One stroke of his strings — and it begins. The spark of freedom etched in his soul The wanderer inRead more


Fate is an unpredictable mistress. She paints a world of shadows. I stood against her and her tides of despair. Fanning the fields of hope, realizing that she was a joke, that I was the joke. Painted faces reflect in the mirror, a golden man lie on my shore His cascading smile, iridescent liquid pearls bleed across my breast. No elbow room at his feeding trough. Ironing wrinkled fields of disenchantment. Writing notes of the joke which is she. StoriesRead more


July 18, 2016 I wondered what it was like for you that day. How it must have felt as the raging river sucked you in smashing the violets in your pocket. I wondered how it felt when the river bottoms bone crushing grip around your neck raped you of your youth. How did it feel when your home was being invaded by a squatter holding your lungs for ransom? I wondered what you must’ve felt inside as death’s icy gripRead more

This Man

September 2016 I said the eyes are the window to the soul. He said baby, come get freaky with me. Be free baby and set your heart free with me he whispered to my soul. Let me be your first come get your freak on with me. Just be free baby, be free.  Read more


  One wing broken. A little token of words spoken. Remnants from a heart broken. Attempts to fly in vain. Dragged down by the pain. Struggle to regain. The roué pretentious. Machination on the sly. The sword of truth lay on the path To Sever what’s broken Balance regained. One wing remained The Moon whispers faith. The Sun promises hope. The Stars inspire dreams With all three in hand A chance is taken. Recovery of flight without fright. Strength restored,Read more

Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon do you find a love like that. A love like that is hard to define, too hard to hold, So she let it go. Through the vibrations of time and space this love will fly, A love like that is hard to find, too hard to hold. Young at heart, body, mind and soul, Through time and space this love will roll. Enduring all forever more, a spot reserved in future lore. Throughout time andRead more

The potion

The potion is the emotion. No fixer or elixir. Just feign the pain. Mask the task. Let love flow, Let love go. Emotions tumble, rumble and crumble. Pain from going against the grain. Heart aching, Heart breaking. Motion is the potion. DLHouseholder_poetryRead more


Weaver of pain A heart collector Spoken in riddles.  The voice a sweet honeyed chime A tryst flexitime. Two spreads, three spreads A trifecta after a time  Poke it stick it  Stick your vibration in it. The fox hides Secret affections Not to escape detection. Weaving deceptions. Collector of hearts  Departs  ©2015 DLHouseholder Read more


    Passions burn. The earth rumbles. The body shakes. The prelude to a storm upon her face. Lost somewhere between life and death, Heaven and Hell, Chaos and freedom. Beautifully she’d lied to herself. Her heart led her to destruction. Not a sound made as screams turned  to silence. It was her own heart which told her the  most torturous of lies. ©2015 DLHouseholderRead more