The Wanderer

What is he like? I was told to behold— he was a musical soul. The gift of gab – he never had. Fashion and flair— he had plenty to share. Ever the wanderer— seeking the lonely way. Freedom beckoned from the depth of his soul. Day turns to night, Night turns to day and he plays. While the night sleeps One stroke of his strings — and it begins. The spark of freedom etched in his soul The wanderer inRead more


Fate is an unpredictable mistress. She paints a world of shadows. I stood against her and her tides of despair. Fanning the fields of hope, realizing that she was a joke, that I was the joke. Painted faces reflect in the mirror, a golden man lie on my shore His cascading smile, iridescent liquid pearls bleed across my breast. No elbow room at his feeding trough. Ironing wrinkled fields of disenchantment. Writing notes of the joke which is she. StoriesRead more


July 18, 2016 I wondered what it was like for you that day. How it must have felt as the raging river sucked you in smashing the violets in your pocket. I wondered how it felt when the river bottoms bone crushing grip around your neck raped you of your youth. How did it feel when your home was being invaded by a squatter holding your lungs for ransom? I wondered what you must’ve felt inside as death’s icy gripRead more

Wild Woman

Wild Woman be heart. Not meant to be tamed. Not meant to be claimed. Liquid storm, Fiery earth shake. Shake it baby, shake. Wild Woman be Love. She rattles, she rolls, she strolls, with the sensual rhythm of the earth. Break down the nothingness, let loose of all that is not. Bring in all that is. She rumbles, she quakes, she breaks. Wild Woman be heard. Shake it baby, shake, shake it loose. Wild Woman be free, be free ofRead more

Untamed Flower 

  You are a scarce and wild untamed flower, a beauty to behold.  Untouched, unclaimed, unrecognized when eyes rest on you. No one has ever gazed at a such lovely flower like you or caressed petals like yours. Your aroma is seductively alluring it’s quintessence is rhythmic pearls of ardor. Petals smooth as silk perspire droplets of love, raging rivers of passion. Sensual intoxication. Often misconstrued, mistreated, misled and left to wither. Copulating with desolation, you are overlooked neglected andRead more

What If?

   What exactly is beauty? What is it to be beautiful? What is it to age beautifully, to grow old gracefully? Is there really any truth behind those words? Society, societal standards deem our beauty be judged by our physical attributes, sensuality and sexuality. Physical attractiveness, the perfect supermodel or Victoria Secret angel body. A world ruled by a superficial perfectness. Shallowness pervades as women are the most susceptible to this stigma branded into their minds from early on. WeRead more

Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon do you find a love like that. A love like that is hard to define, too hard to hold, So she let it go. Through the vibrations of time and space this love will fly, A love like that is hard to find, too hard to hold. Young at heart, body, mind and soul, Through time and space this love will roll. Enduring all forever more, a spot reserved in future lore. Throughout time andRead more