The Wanderer

What is he like? I was told to behold— he was a musical soul. The gift of gab – he never had. Fashion and flair— he had plenty to share. Ever the wanderer— seeking the lonely way. Freedom beckoned from the depth of his soul. Day turns to night, Night turns to day and he plays. While the night sleeps One stroke of his strings — and it begins. The spark of freedom etched in his soul The wanderer inRead more

What If?

   What exactly is beauty? What is it to be beautiful? What is it to age beautifully, to grow old gracefully? Is there really any truth behind those words? Society, societal standards deem our beauty be judged by our physical attributes, sensuality and sexuality. Physical attractiveness, the perfect supermodel or Victoria Secret angel body. A world ruled by a superficial perfectness. Shallowness pervades as women are the most susceptible to this stigma branded into their minds from early on. WeRead more

I Promise

I promise not to run around chasing love, because I am love. I promise to spread love and passion wherever I go and in whatever I do. My heart is my guide, my roadmap and true north. “Love begets love and what you give out is what you get back.” I promise you baby to be love. I promise that although I found soul food in the poetic love dance of our souls, and that I do want you againRead more

The Warrior Heart 

   She caught her heart sneaking around with his not that long ago. I asked her what she thought she was doing and she replied hesitantly that she needed nourishment to survive in a world that is all take,take, take. She said that she had been rummaging around in the heart cupboards of those who crossed her path only to find emptiness,desolation and dark bare caverns not enough for her to survive, so she returned to a heart so full. IRead more

The Bear

   For years the bear lay sleeping inside her.  She was fire she was ice. Living on the border between this world  and the next.  She was love when love seemed lost, she  was freedom.  Her fierceness lay subdued. Then she met a man who broke her heart  wide open. Words so sweet he could turn  black into white.  He was smooth he was liquid, he was  Mercury.  He sang songs only her heart could hear. This man was intoxicating,Read more