The Day

One day I came home and my mommy was sad,

My Nana and Aunties were here and they were sad too.

I started to cry but I didn’t know why.

I just know I was sad cause everyone else was too

My brother was gone he’d been on a fishing trip

I wished he were here to give me a hug as he’d call me a little bug

I heard his name several times as mom cried

…And I didn’t know why, I sat down and cried but I didn’t know why.

I shut my eyes tight and all I could hear was his voice

ringing, ringing.

A slight little whisper

I jumped, I was startled I looked for my brother

I thought he was here.

Little bug, little bug, please listen to me.

Even though you can’t see me I’m right here next to you.

I had to leave but I’ll always be with you

Through thick and thin

Through darkness and sunshine

I will always be with you no matter what you’re my Little bug forever

n ever.

That little tickle on your cheek that feels like a feather

It’s me when I’m kissing you nighty night

That little whisper that you hear now and makes you say “What?” when

no one is around

It’s me being with you, tell mom and dad

I’ll always be with you no matter what.

When you close your eyes and me, don’t be afraid

Know that I’m with you and I’m okay

When you see me in the face of a stranger know that I’m here

When you smell that familiar scent that reminds you of me

Know that it’s me and I’m forever in your hearts


My Auntie came over and hugged me tight as my nana hugged mommy tight

My daddy came in and said come here little bean as he stretched out his arms

Daddy then told me with tears in his eyes that brother was gon, he

was not coming home. I started to cry.

I squeezed my eyes shut and all I could hear is brothers voice so very


C’mon bug don’t cry like that

I had to go away but I’ll always be with you……. in your hearts.


©Diana Lynn 2013












Marvelous Tarot Reading

As far as your emotions are concerned, a pleasant or promising surprise is to be expected with someone of the opposite sex. This person will be blessed with manual skill and artistic ability. He / she will demonstrate pride and tenacity in his/her daily activities. Your relationship with him / her will be distinguished and shine in a spirit of great mutual respect. This relationship will grow surprisingly and positively in a short space of time. Travel is also expected in the interactions you will have with this person. You will both grow to be extremely close. The sincerity of this person will impress you as much as it will disturb you.


A canal will open in your subconscious.  Your subconscious is trying to call out to you. Words emerge in your mind and you must listen to them carefully. This is linked to one of your fears that you are not able to manage well. You must use your intuition more. Remain careful and a truth will be brought to light.  You will enter into interaction with a woman who is older than you. This woman’s astrological sign is Scorpio and she belongs to your close entourage. It will be a question of negotiation and compensation. Your future happiness will be closely linked to your intuition. Key words:  Spiritual accomplishment, favorable legal aspect, love at home, Sunday morning, month of October.


Regardless of whether you are rich or poor, you work with the sweat of your brow to aquire and to deserve what you have, so you must not give or lend blindly. You will have to react to an urgent and unforseen situation. Someone (m/f) will ask you for money. This is someone who is in your close circle of acquaintances. Considering your achievements and your financial commitments, it is a considerable amount of money. To help this person, it is possible that you might be able to part with some of that money, but surely not all of it. In any case, even if you are kind-hearted, you must not ruin yourself for someone who is immature and who continually squanders his/her money. This person wastes his/her money in an incredible way, and that is why he/she needs to borrow some. His/her behavior is incorrigible and there is no doubt that the money that you will lend him/her will also be wasted, and probably in record time. Unless you accept the idea that your money will never come back to you, you must not lend to this person. Without worrying about the consequences of his/her actions, and about the burden he/she is placing on you, this person is about to ask you to put yourself in a very difficult financial situation in which you do not really deserve to find yourself. Now is not the time for kindness, and you have to think of yourself first. You do not reasonably have to take responsibility for the mistakes of another person, even less if that person shows almost complete indifference towards the sacrifice that he/she is asking you.


An unexpected development in a situation that has carried on for a long time will come about very soon.  You will get a huge surprise!  What will happen soon is nothing you could imagine at the moment.  It will be an extremely happy event and you will experience great emotion.  Here, the extraordinary is associated with wonderfulness, meaning that your life will possibly change radically and your future will undoubtedly be directed onto a new path that will clearly be more favorable to you.


You are concerned by your appearance and it leads you to make purchases. However, you have doubts and you hesitate a lot about what you should buy or do to improve your appearance. All this is connected to your current emotional relationship (or going to become). You have often thought of everything in the long run, but it made you neglect your daily and current needs. So you have to catch up in terms of love and it costs you money. Your budget should be reviewed and planned carefully if you want to acquire everything you wish, because you cannot just pay for yourself now. A mature and an aged person of a foreign origin, is going to try to meet your needs at the best he/she can. This person belongs to the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. He/she will take you to make up some of the gaps with efficiency and economy. He/she is brilliant, intuitive and honest. He/she knows how to do things and you’ll be able to trust him/her. Keywords: factory, manufacturing, water, commitment, boldness, comfort, efficiency, separation, break, new start, on Thursday night, month of April.


You are going to travel across an ocean. You will go visit a sick friend in a different continent. You will take this trip with your partner or an intimate friend. This trip will bring you closer to the person you love.
Caresses, human warmth, mellow relaxation, and well-being are prominent. This clearly shows that your future in general will be happy when it comes to your social life, and this will last a long time. You will learn to manage your life with subtlety and surround yourself with your dearest friends. You will come to appreciate small pleasures as well as great ones and you will feel a great affinity for down-to-earth people. Your actions and your ideas will be in line with the deepest aspirations of your soul, and being down-to-earth will always serve you well as you progress through your social life. You will experience the ultimate satisfaction as an individual, and this will be beautifully integrated into your social relationships. It will come from a great spiritual serenity that you will acquire intelligently throughout your life.


A new opportunity is presenting itself to you on the romantic level. A young person (m/f) is looking to increase his/her opportunities to meet you. This young person has his/her manual dexterity and artistic skills as virtues. He/she has a strong interest in performances, music, theater, and cinema. He/she likes to act, and his/her talent as an actor/actress is very convincing. However, this young person has an interest in sex that can be embarassing or disorientating for many people, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with infidelity. More precisely, here we are talking about the body, intimacy, and nudity. Actually, this young person has a deep need to live intensely outside of his/her comfort zone in order to constantly discover new sensations. For him/her, braving the limits of decency and indecency might be a means of liberating him/herself psychologically, to revolt against society, or to stimulate him/herself sexually. In short, this young person hesitates very little to show him/herself naked in front of strangers or in public and this, because he/she has a real need to exceed his/her boundaries and to experience extreme emotions. As such, undressing completely to pose in private for an artist, parading half naked on the street during a demonstration, or acting while completely nude on some scene (theater, cinema, danse, or other) are all experiences to be lived and incomparable sensations to be felt again when the opportunity presents itself. As such, the attraction that this young person feels for you is probably not in the social norms, as we are talking here about someone who is inhabited by desires that are both non conventional and very intense. In this sense, it is possible that you are not at all the same age as this young person, but what is certain is that he/she sees in you a fantasy to be realized (regardless of whether it is temporary or for a lifetime) and that he/she will certainly make great efforts to arrive at his/her goal.


A woman is at your service. She is there to care for you and to make your life easier. She is a faithful friend whom you can blindly trust. She is devoted and she responds rapidly to your needs. She knows you well and she knows how to respond to your needs with precision, and this, without you ever having to explain or justify yourself. She is a woman who has unfortunately suffered cruelty in her youth (or in a distant past) and she knows well what it is to suffer. She should be rewarded as she merits, for this woman will not hesitate to sacrifice herself for you. For her, your happiness counts more than her own. She is a good and courageous woman who undoubtedly deserves recognition and admiration.


A child (a boy) will become a part of your life in an unusual way. He will bring you support that you normally expect to receive from an adult rather than a child. This support will seem quite confusing, but it will increase your happiness and undoubtedly make you grow in the way you see things and interact with people. The love you will have for this child will be immeasurable. This child will be loving, playful, but also stubborn. Although he will ask you many questions, paradoxically, he will be the one who will bring more answers to your concerns. This child is closely associated with a move. Moreover, this move is related to a change of job or a promotion at the professional level. You should therefore expect to experience very happy events coming consecutively one after the other. Your uncertainty will fade to make room for a great self-esteem. You will have more confidence in your abilities and you will be successful in your work like never before. You will win in competitions and rivalries, and a great zest for life will settle permanently in your life.


You are at the beginning of a journey and everything is possible. Contradictions may still be reconciled if you show ingenuity and open-mindedness. You can go on with your project with confidence as long as you resist recklessness and trivialization. Since everything is possible, you are in charge of making sure that everything progresses favourably. You are the key person in the events to come and your intelligence and your good decisions in the short term are what will show you the trend that your long-term project will follow. Thanks to your great imagination, a great number of choices and opportunities will become available to you. You will have the opportunity to have fun but you will need to remain serious at all times. Your attitude and curiosity, together, are what will bring you the wonders you seek but you will have to measure your initiatives so that they can remain enriching for many years to come.
                                                                              Final Outcome
The next day of the full moon will herald a momentous event that will take place in your love life.  An individual (m/f) that you love will try a totally new (unusual) approach with the aim of attracting you toward (or keeping you with) him/her. This approach will be like nothing you have previously known with regard to him/her and its destabilizing effect on you will be clearly undeniable. This individual is deeply in love with you and he/she will try to make a grand gesture aimed at showing you beyond any doubt that you are the chosen one in his/her heart. Therefore, you should be prepared for a major declaration or spectacular gesture on his/her part. However, even though this individual has decided to go through with his/her effort, he/she also seems quite anxious in the face of what he/she is preparing to do. As a result, it is possible that he/she will not be altogether in control of the situation and that the chosen moment might turn out to be a bit embarrassing.