A Thank You to My Soul Family

   To my Soul brothers and sisters of the world. Thank you for standing out in the crowd so that I could easily recognize you.  I thank you for delivering the soul love which began with a wish and for sharing freely with me. Thank you for arriving when you heard my plea.  I thank you for recognizing the beauty in my soul which I failed to see. Thank you for helping me understand my authenticity, true and free. IRead more


/> Wishes, I imagine are made almost every minute of everyday. Like most people I make wishes more often than not. As children almost everyone has wished….wish wish upon a star, close your eyes blow out the candles and make a wish, blow the dandelions and make a wish, throw a penny in the fountain and wish, wish wish. Sucking in air and filling your lungs with a deep breath and exhaling deep as you blow it all out thinkingRead more