Fate is an unpredictable mistress. She paints a world of shadows. I stood against her and her tides of despair. Fanning the fields of hope, realizing that she was a joke, that I was the joke. Painted faces reflect in the mirror, a golden man lie on my shore His cascading smile, iridescent liquid pearls bleed across my breast. No elbow room at his feeding trough. Ironing wrinkled fields of disenchantment. Writing notes of the joke which is she. StoriesRead more


  One wing broken. A little token of words spoken. Remnants from a heart broken. Attempts to fly in vain. Dragged down by the pain. Struggle to regain. The roué pretentious. Machination on the sly. The sword of truth lay on the path To Sever what’s broken Balance regained. One wing remained The Moon whispers faith. The Sun promises hope. The Stars inspire dreams With all three in hand A chance is taken. Recovery of flight without fright. Strength restored,Read more

I Once Knew

I once knew a girl whose heart sang in freedom as she’d dance with the wind and sing in the rain with wild abandon and sheer delight. Knees to the earth in respect for the mothers magic. Lying bare and naked between earth’s bosom silently she spoke from the deepness of her heart. The magic of the trees belonged with to her a curious sprite with the never-ending questions and always a “why?” this girl that I loved, what aRead more

What If?

   What exactly is beauty? What is it to be beautiful? What is it to age beautifully, to grow old gracefully? Is there really any truth behind those words? Society, societal standards deem our beauty be judged by our physical attributes, sensuality and sexuality. Physical attractiveness, the perfect supermodel or Victoria Secret angel body. A world ruled by a superficial perfectness. Shallowness pervades as women are the most susceptible to this stigma branded into their minds from early on. WeRead more

That Love

Loving  fiercely with freedom and wild abandon… I loved you for a moment in the silvery moonlight beneath the twinkling stars.  Why this happened I really don’t know, I only know that I loved you for a moment. In that moment life was perfect and we were happy as we lived out our love. Like night and day, dark and light our hearts afire with boundless desire as we loved for a moment. Loving  fiercely with freedom and wild abandon takingRead more

Let Yourself Love

Let yourself fall in love with the one who knows how to honor the warrior or goddess within you gently yet recklessly.  Let yourself fall in love with the one who isn’t afraid to take up every bit of space in your heart swelling with love and driving out the hollowness. Let yourself fall in love with warrior or goddess that you used all of your hearts sparkle and glitter to attract. Let yourself be infected with free spirited loveRead more

I Promise

I promise not to run around chasing love, because I am love. I promise to spread love and passion wherever I go and in whatever I do. My heart is my guide, my roadmap and true north. “Love begets love and what you give out is what you get back.” I promise you baby to be love. I promise that although I found soul food in the poetic love dance of our souls, and that I do want you againRead more


Sunshine In your little three old voice you would sing you are my sunshine my only sunshine to me over and over again, the only words you could remember to the song. You got me to join along singing with you as I tried to reach you the rest of the words. In truth you were my sunshine and the light of my life. When you were little you sang “You are my Sunshine” over and over, In truth youRead more

The Warrior Heart 

   She caught her heart sneaking around with his not that long ago. I asked her what she thought she was doing and she replied hesitantly that she needed nourishment to survive in a world that is all take,take, take. She said that she had been rummaging around in the heart cupboards of those who crossed her path only to find emptiness,desolation and dark bare caverns not enough for her to survive, so she returned to a heart so full. IRead more


  As the canvas of earth changed from summer to fall, she changed as well. As the leaves transformed into a multitude of brilliant colors spattering the landscape like an artistic masterpiece, she too changed. As the trees shed their skin of color with every leaf that dropped to the earth,to protect it from the impending arctic storms and the bitter cold winter air, she too transformed and shed her skin. Slowly the pieces of her old self had fallenRead more


Inspiration in the night, Creativity shine so bright. Fill my heart with love and light. Write, be polite, rewrite Recite, incite, erudite. Imagination set the stage Pen and paper now engage  Fantabulous, magnanimous  Capacious romanticist. Captivating Ecstasy. Intimacy Illuminated  Passing through what’s yet unknown. Magic thrives and is alive. Words that Mesmerize, spellbind, hypnotize. Creativity is the fire and the desire. Inspiration fills the heart.  Watercolored words describe. Inscribed on canvas with love. The procession of expression.  Artistic Eminence inRead more

The Boat

   He’d found her on a boat,When all She had on was a coat. Dirty, ragged, beaten and shamed. Strikingly beautiful, a shimmering jewel in disguise. All encompassing beauty he just couldn’t resist. Love at first sight a feeling of utter bliss,  Impeccable charm she could not resist  Come with me he said as he held out his hand, One step from her was all that it took The taste if freedom is a delight you see Sweeping her inRead more

The Rogue

On the other end of that text The snake lies in wait. The scoundrel who roams from place to  place, and heart to heart. Ploying and toying. No intervals between victims. Destruction left in the wake. No resistance to the distance The Beast Beguiling to say the least Enchanting, entrancing. That vagrant heart Surreptitious in seductions. That Roguish Romeo. That Callous Casanova. Seduction by clever roguery, Such scandalous deceit, unseated. Defeated. Clandestine Promiscuity Raped by perspecuity. A frenemy chats energetically,Read more


   Fear of darkness outside the heart. Afraid of the unknown and what can’t be  seen in the dark. Blindfold me. Change he said as he pulled her in deeper.  Rushing in blindly the heart leads the  way. Take me She’d say. Playfulness pursues as his light fills her   aching wounds. Leap with rose colored glasses in hand,  freely as only a brave little fool would do. Change he said as he nudged a little  harder and pushed justRead more

I Believe

   I Believe, I Believe, I Believe. Never lose hope, keep your faith and always Believe.  Have faith my love, have faith.  Believe in romance, love at first sight, the romantic notion of a knight in shining armor, soul mates, true love and twin flames.  Believe baby, just believe. Believe there’s a bit of truth behind the statement that out of chaos beauty will rise, and that hope will illuminate the darkest of nights.  Have hope my love, have hope.Read more

My Soul knows Your Soul ~

That earth shattering almost electrifying love at first sight shock wave that sends tremors through our very being, reaching straight down to our souls. Dear Right Person wrong time, When me met it was as if time stood still for a moment. Instantly my soul recognized your soul. I became intrigued as I was taken back to another time, another place. Back to when we first met and back to when we last met. Through triumph and tragedy our passionsRead more