One wing broken.
A little token of words spoken.

Remnants from a heart broken.

Attempts to fly in vain.

Dragged down by the pain.

Struggle to regain.

The roué pretentious.

Machination on the sly.

The sword of truth lay on the path

To Sever what’s broken

Balance regained.

One wing remained

The Moon whispers faith.

The Sun promises hope.

The Stars inspire dreams

With all three in hand

A chance is taken.

Recovery of flight without fright.

Strength restored, love renewed.

Have faith my friends chirps

the little broken bird.

©2015 DLHouseholder

I Once Knew

I once knew a girl whose heart sang in freedom as she’d dance with the wind and sing in the rain with wild abandon and sheer delight. Knees to the earth in respect for the mothers magic. Lying bare and naked between earth’s bosom silently she spoke from the deepness of her heart. The magic of the trees belonged with to her a curious sprite with the never-ending questions and always a “why?” this girl that I loved, what a treasure to know a blessing for life. The earth her mother, the water her home, the sun her father, the animals her sisters, the mountain her lover and the wind her brother. An odd girl at that but she stole my heart in an instant with her curiously weird but beautiful ways. She’d stand in the open just before a storm to feel the wind as it caressed her lush hair, face turned up high and to the sky, nose to the wind as if anticipating that lovers  sweeping kiss. The scent of the impending rain permeates the air as she stands still as a statue with arms stretched wide welcoming home natures passionate fury. What happened to her, this girl I once knew? The girl with fire blazing in her soul and a sparkling heart of gold and so bold. Didn’t I love her enough? Time passed as it tends to do and everyday life took hold. Neglecting the girl who danced to the beat of her own drum and before I knew it she’d bloomed and a woman she’d become. She was crazy this girl, mad with magic and there was no lie in her fire. Not a myth or a fable yet disappeared just as magically as she had appeared. She’d stolen me so now I search my heart to find the girl of fire that I once knew. 

What If?


What exactly is beauty? What is it to be beautiful? What is it to age beautifully, to grow old gracefully? Is there really any truth behind those words? Society, societal standards deem our beauty be judged by our physical attributes, sensuality and sexuality. Physical attractiveness, the perfect supermodel or Victoria Secret angel body. A world ruled by a superficial perfectness. Shallowness pervades as women are the most susceptible to this stigma branded into their minds from early on. We must always work at being attractive, thin and keep our youthful look as we age. Fears ingrained that gray hair, crows feet, and sagging skin are not desirable reinforcing fears that as we age we will become less and less desirable. These deep down fears conditioned into women and supported  by a society full of money and sex appeal chasers. The sadness in this is that we ignore and eventually forget about the true beauty carried deep inside. This forgotten beauty lies just under the surface of our soul casing, shining brilliantly waiting to be touched gently, held softly, and caressed sweetly. So many judge by outward appearances, I’m guilty of this myself. 

Whatever happened to being faithful and honest to your commitments? How do people inexplicably fall out of love? What is seen in the other person that your partner lacks? Is it all just the allure of the superficial? Will a relationship based on money or lust really bring you happiness? Is the grass truly greener in yonder pasture?

I see the chaos in people, in relationships and in love so I have this to say:

What if my skin was as soft, smooth and perfect as the charismatic love in my heart and soul, would you love me the same as when I was in my twenties?

What if my soul casing remained as perfect and alluring as the love in my heart and soul, would you be attracted to me then?

What if my smile, my hair and my eyes were as tantalizing as the love in my heart and soul, would you still care about me then?

What if my physical appearance was as voluptuous as the love in my heart and soul, would you truly love me then?

What if my thighs were as lush as the sultry love in my heart and soul, would you hold me in your eyes then?

What if the time lines etched on my face were as hypnotic as the mesmerizing love in my heart and soul, would you still tenderly caress my cheek?

What if my bank accounts overflowed with as much love as is in my heart and soul, would you find it easier to love me then?

What if my worth were measured by the extent of the abundant love in my heart and soul, would there be a place for me by your side then?

What if my messiness, my ugliness and all that in between were as captivating as the beautiful love within my heart and soul, would you hear my heart song then?  

What if the fresh glow of soft supple temptation, naive and inexperienced hadn’t arrived, would you still be in love with me then?

What if, what if, what if my imperfections were as graceful as the love in my heart and soul?

What if….

©2015 DLHouseholder

That Love

Loving  fiercely with freedom and wild abandon…

Love lasts forever he whispered softly without saying goodbye...
Love Lasts forever he whispered softly without saying goodbye…

I loved you for a moment in the silvery moonlight beneath the twinkling stars.  Why this happened I really don’t know, I only know that I loved you for a moment. In that moment life was perfect and we were happy as we lived out our love. Like night and day, dark and light our hearts afire with boundless desire as we loved for a moment. Loving  fiercely with freedom and wild abandon taking us to the brink of insanity, then back down gently yet not passively. Dinner over candlelight in a small Café, wild passionate love on the beach as we ended our day. Lovers embraces as our arms intertwined, soft kisses and sweet passion as we gazed into each other’s eyes. I still get those shivers when I think of your stirring touch. In that moment of love that we shared I was happy I cannot deny.  This moment in time was a wonderful phase, beautiful, hopeful and absolutely wondrous. This walk by your side was a wonderful ride. Through ups and our downs as we lived our journey and moved forward on our paths. We learned from each other as we lived and loved.  Passionate rage became the staple as time went by,  jealousy and control was not to be lived by. Distance grew as we moved apart but the passionate love would forever be branded in our hearts. We loved for that moment, that moment in time. Life was beautiful but then life became hard as the passion faded and the distance became greater. What a great love that was with me by your side as we took that ride through unknown venues, twists and turns nearing the cliffs as we tragically teetered on the edge of destruction. We stepped back for air and to honor each others space. The break was inevitable as we realized that we must part before the passion consumed us in the dark.  In the heat of the moment it was easy for this love to flourish but only for that moment we were allowed to love. Destiny comes to knock at the door the karmic wheel spins and we are catapulted to destinations unknown, how cruel life lessons can be when we love and are torn. Stepping back without turning away,  another time lover is spoken from one to the other as our paths have in an almost cruel way changed to rip us apart.  We Loved for just a moment but much was learned. You see my love, true love never really dies. I loved you for a moment and this moment in time is where I learned to let go and forgive each day, because it was all a just a dream.

Broken hearts are the wounded healers specialty.

I have known passionate true love as I think of you and smile…

©2014 DLHouseholder