A Letter to My Daughters

May you always keep your head up. Be free, be yourself, be spontaneous, have fun, show yourself to the world – all of you, leave nothing hidden and remember to laugh because laughter is food for the soul. Never let go of that wild woman who resides deep inside of you. Stay true to you.Read more

My Soul knows Your Soul ~

That earth shattering almost electrifying love at first sight shock wave that sends tremors through our very being, reaching straight down to our souls. Dear Right Person wrong time, When me met it was as if time stood still for a moment. Instantly my soul recognized your soul. I became intrigued as I was taken back to another time, another place. Back to when we first met and back to when we last met. Through triumph and tragedy our passionsRead more

What’s Next?

You know I can really relate, she said to him as she released a big sigh. I’ve made some pretty bad choices in men and now I have to rebuild my life because of it.  I was too headstrong and stubborn to do what I truly knew was the right thing to do. Nope, I had to run around with assholes who treated me poorly, like shit exactly, just like I was that piece of poop stuck on a shoeRead more


Life seems to be a continuous struggle with extraneous changes around almost every bend. For some of us at times the twist and turns can be so extreme that we think that we can no longer bear the pain or discomfort of living life any longer. Many fall into despair, suffer depression and end their own existence while others of us continue to trudge forward, vowing to overcome and be victorious in this game called life. Over the past tenRead more


My Friend Ode to you my friend who’s gone but not forgotten I look at you now serene and peaceful, forever in my heart you’ll be My faithful friend till the end always there for me. Rain, snow, or sunshine nothing kept you away Always waiting for someone to play In my heart you’ll forever stay I look at you now as you rest my faithful friend, just waiting… Wrapping my arms tightly round you I hug you deeply oneRead more


It’s been a tradition of mine to be a rebel unwilling to listen and conform. Why? The truth is  I really don’t know, because it seems as though I wanted to go down a road of self-destruction for the longest time. What is it that I was trying to prove to myself and others? You would think that I certainly would know the answer but honestly after moments of deep inner searching and self-reflection I still have no solid answers.Read more

The Tower – 16

The Tower card as explained by Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” The Tower a fire element, is #16 in the major arcana and is tied to the #7, the Chariot. This card represents the crumbling of what we have built. Realizing that what we have built couldn’t have lasted in the first place, so we must go back to square one and start over. In love and relationships it can mean aRead more

Tarot Card Reading – Sometimes in love, you love badly, or you don’t truly love at all

Sometimes, you love badly, but you don’t love too much. You’ll need to change your approach in your amorous relationships. Certain pitfalls may be eliminated if you act differently. You’re on a good path and you can reach your goals, so it’s useless to lose hope because everything can get better. Prosperity is on its way. Your wealth will grow from your efforts. You are on your way to making a great fortune through your work and tenacity. You willRead more


Writing for some is a gift, a natural given talent but for most it is something that is like second nature never giving much thought to it. The ability to read and write a language is a great accomplishment, but what if  a time came when a simple thing like writing was non-existent?Read more

Morals & Family Values

July 2012 I suppose that on certain subjects that I do have a lot to say, morals being one. More frequently than not I hear “what’s wrong with people these days?” being said. I often wonder if there is even a correct answer to that question or if people ever get an answer at all. It seems to be an ok thing  to be overly sexual, vulgar, disrespectful and showing no signs of morals, character or family values whatsoever. AnRead more