Here’s to the souls that yearn for movement and to the girls that dance to the beat of their own tune. Stretching their voices to be heard by their songs, by their touch and by their hearts which speak the language of movement.To the girls that wander to see, hear and feel the poetry in everything. To the magnificence of the oceans blue to the tall dance of sea grass as it whispers in the wind. Hold your freedom inRead more

The Easel

The Easel Sweet fragrance of coffee permeates my cup as I stare in the distance slowly raising it up I ponder in a trance I’m not yet awake What a beautiful painting this morning will make In brisk autumn air I watch the sun rise When it dawns on me I have no supplies Trees splashed with color the lake’s hovering mist I take it all in, as I make a long list I need canvas and paints with allRead more


This love is so dear yet so traumatic when near.  Is it real I ask or is this just fantasy?  Created in the mind just had been too kind.  Misconstrued by self as well Stepped into a torturous hell of lies, deception and pain. I yell Outraged at circumstances Of which I found myself in a rift created by arrogant lies and pride.  Many have come yet so alone I reside on the inside.  To all who face the unknownRead more

My Niece

You’re Beautiful and I love you bunches! I love you because you are you, I love you because you always speak your truth, I love you for always standing your ground, I love you for walking your talk and not living a lie, I love you for your amazing resilience, I love you even when you’re being a brat, I love you for showing no fear when faced with adversity, I love you as you speak your mind. I loveRead more


It’s been a tradition of mine to be a rebel unwilling to listen and conform. Why? The truth is  I really don’t know, because it seems as though I wanted to go down a road of self-destruction for the longest time. What is it that I was trying to prove to myself and others? You would think that I certainly would know the answer but honestly after moments of deep inner searching and self-reflection I still have no solid answers.Read more